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It is a remarkable and wonderful feat of technology to be developing the field of telehealth or e-therapy. Everything from chat rooms, smart phone apps, and artificial intelligence “bots” on social media messaging platforms are providing proven therapeutic techniques to those in need. Therapy is not accessible by everyone and can still be effective when it is not done in person- depending on the diagnosis. New research suggests that for binge eating disorder, in person therapy is the most effective in promoting remission.

Published in JAMA Psychiatry, the University of Leipzig Medical Center found that “…while an internet-based self-help program did help people binge eat less often, face-to-face therapy led to a larger and faster reduction in binge eating episodes,” reports Reuters. In person therapy proven to be the most effective of binge eating disorder includes cognitive behavioral therapy and traditional psychotherapy. Though the online therapies being offered are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, they are not the same as cognitive behavioral therapy which can be conducted in person by a professional therapist.

Binge eating disorder is the most common of eating disorders and one of the only eating disorders more heavily populated by men. Though the diagnosis is new to eating disorders, the experience of uncontrollable eating is not new to those who have been struggling with it. This study proves that spending time in a treatment program where you can work with a therapist, multiple therapists, in person every day is a better chance at full recovery. In addition, there is another face to face component of treatment that is helpful for recovery: supporting peers.


Residential treatment is a unique opportunity to spend time with peers who are struggling with the same issues, like binge eating disorder. Through the treatment process, clients spend time in group therapy sessions participating in therapeutic conversation with one another. Opening up about their experiences with binge eating disorder and the struggles of the recovery process is hugely beneficial to their long term recovery. Avalon By The Sea is a certified primary mental health treatment center, providing residential care for binge eating disorder. For a confidential assessment and more information, call us today: 888-958-7511

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