7 Ways Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

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  • Addiction can take your money: It takes money every day, a few times a day or more, to keep up an addiction. Illegal drugs can be costly. Having to avoid symptoms of withdrawal and detox means having to stay high all day, which means a lot of money on drugs.
  • Addiction can ruin your health: Addiction is a disease which affects mind, body, and spirit. Physical health deteriorates over time with addiction. Muscle strength, skin, teeth, veins, heart, liver, lungs- every part of the body can be hurt by addiction.
  • Addiction can ruin your mind: Addiction primarily affects the brain, which then has an affect on the body. The entire brain is affected by addiction. Drugs change the way the brain operates and even changes the structure of the brain, causing damage to the brain cells.
  • Addiction can change who you are: Addiction to drugs and alcohol changes your body, your mind, and everything about who you are. Some people are able to maintain their personality and appearances while they struggle with a life-threatening addiction. Most people experiences changes in their morals, values, and perceptions, sometimes their personalities and everything else about their lives.
  • Addiction can hurt other people: One of the worst parts of an addiction is the way that it hurts other people. Addiction is called a family disease because addiction does not only affect the addict. Addiction affects everyone involved.
  • Addiction can put you in jail: Most of the drugs people get addicted to are illegal. Addiction is a desperate disease. In order to continue feeding an addiction, people are known to go to great, often illegal lengths, the least of which buying and possessing illicit substances. Gangs, drug dealing, prostitution, theft, and more are common experiences addicts have to get drugs and prepare their addiction.
  • Addiction can kill you: This is the hardest, most blatant truth about how addiction can ruin your life. Drugs and alcohol are dangerous substances which weaken the body, weaken the mind, and can cause overdose. Addiction is a progressive disease which can cause death.


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