7 Reasons Why Sobriety is the Best Way to Live

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We’ve all heard it – sober living can be great. For those of us who have already been down the path of addiction, most of our friends and family have said it. “You should just stop drinking so much – life is so much better,” they’ve said. Maybe you’ve scowled at these phrases before. While most of our loved ones sound cliché when saying it, there truly are some benefits to sober living. Maybe you’re just beginning your road to recovery, or perhaps you’re contemplating it. We won’t just provide you with simple reasons, though. Here are some real, honest, pure reasons from individuals who have already gone through addiction and have found sobriety through their recovery:


  • You don’t have to experience being hungover anymore. Amber Tozer wrote in her 2015 article titled “Why Sobriety is Awesome” that she loves waking up each day knowing where she is and what’s going on – being able to plan for the day instead of feeling panicked about the night before.
  • You get to re-write your story. Holly Glenn Whitaker, writer of her blog “Hip Sobriety”, stated that sobriety has given her the awareness that we are “always changing, always evolving, minute by minute, nano-second by nano-second.”
  • You can have real and authentic relationships. One writer states that she can have more respectful relationships, and she understands what toxic relationships are now.
  • You get to see the world in a whole new light. Another blog writer explained that she developed a whole new love for musical theatre; she admires it in a way she never has before.
  • You look so much better. Writer Gigi Engle told Elite Daily that you will retain a more youthful glow, as many drugs and alcohol dehydrate a person and filter toxins throughout the body.
  • You can manage your money easier. Tim Stoddart explained for Sober Nation that sobriety goes alongside taking finances more seriously. Now that you’re sober, you have options. Vacations, starting a business, providing for yourself and your family – these are all aspects of life that you can more easily account for.
  • You get to experience true happiness. Lucy Rocca was addicted to alcohol for more than 20 years; she stated, “You will be a million times more interesting, more confident, more sociable and less miserable once you’ve kicked the booze.”


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