4 Recommended Books To Read During Recovery

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When undergoing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, many patients have a hard time staying positive. Luckily in addition to many other healthy activities, there are plenty of inspirational books about addiction and recovery to keep your spirits high.

4 Books For Recovery

These recommended stories about those who have struggled with and overcome addiction can be beneficial in your overall recovery from your own addictions.

  1. Tales of Addiction and Inspiration For Recovery by Barbara Sinor Many people think the only stories told about addiction are those tabloid articles about celebrities. This book shows you the true stories from everyday people just like you or your loved one. In addition to the stories submitted to the author, she includes many personal stories about her and her son and their story. This inspiring book will show you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
  1. Chicken Soup For The Recovering Soul by Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and Peter Vegso – Just one book of a long series of inspirational tales, this book is designed to inspire you to change and grow throughout your recovery. Filled with the personal stories of those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, you are sure to find a story or two you can relate to. These stories will touch your soul and show you that you are not alone in your addiction and recovery.
  1. My Own Worst Enemy: A Memoir of Addiction by Ronnie Steele – This book is designed to show others recovering from addiction that though the journey may be long the destination is worth the trip. Steele shares many intimate details of his abusive childhood, his addiction, and his recovery. This book was written to show the reader the strength and spiritual enlightenment that accompanies a full recovery from substance abuse.
  1. The Last Addiction by Sharon Hersh – This book is different from many books written for those recovering from addiction. This Christian book shows you how to love yourself throughout your recovery. Many people realize during recovery all of the things they may have done that hurt those they love. The goal of this book is to help you to forgive yourself and rebuild important relationships.

While completing an addiction treatment program it is important to maintain high spirits. These inspirational books will keep you pushing ahead toward a full recovery from your addictions.

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