Risks of Recreational Drug Use: Strategies for Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

Risks of Recreational Drug Use: Strategies for Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is a real challenge many individuals face. Although more states are coming to legalize marijuana, it may be important to recognize that marijuana addiction can still become an issue. Recreational drug use can add a serious risk of developing addiction, especially in younger people while their brains are still developing. Knowing the warning signs of addiction could benefit you. Please know that there are also treatment options if you are facing marijuana addiction. Overcoming marijuana addiction is possible, and it is always brave to reach out for support when you need it.   

Dangers of Recreational Marijuana Use

Recreational marijuana use can very easily become habit-forming behaviors for some individuals. It can be true that some people can use marijuana recreationally and never become addicted. There are still many risks when you partake in recreational marijuana use. One risk associated with recreational marijuana use can include impairment of your judgment. When you are under the influence of marijuana, you lose the ability to make clear decisions. This can lead you to make choices you would not make under sober circumstances. 

Marijuana can have effects on your brain and body that can cause a dream-like state. This can be dangerous, especially in combination with impaired judgment. You may make choices you could regret later, such as driving under the influence. This is never a safe choice to make and could result in you or someone else getting injured. Other dangers of recreational marijuana use can include memory and learning difficulties.

Warning Signs of Addiction

As previously mentioned, marijuana addiction is a challenge many people face. Warning signs of addiction can look different from person to person. However, some examples of addiction warning signs can include the following:

  • Severe mood changes
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Cravings
  • Trouble fulfilling responsibilities 
  • Isolating yourself

If you recognize any warning signs of addiction, it can be important to remember that overcoming marijuana addiction is possible. Recognizing the issues and admitting you are struggling are the crucial first steps. 

Another warning sign of addiction includes using marijuana as a coping mechanism. Co-occurring mood disorders are common among individuals who use marijuana. A few examples include depression and anxiety. This suggests that marijuana could be used as a coping mechanism. However, you will find that drug use will not work long-term because it is not a healthy coping skill. Using marijuana to cope with other mental health concerns can numb you to them temporarily. This can lead to habit-forming behaviors; for example, when you begin to feel unwanted emotions, you may crave using marijuana. This can develop into addiction.

The book Cannabis Use Disorder by Jason Patel and Raman Marwaha discusses the effects of marijuana use. This book provides information on severe disorders that marijuana use can cause, such as the following: 

  • Cannabis intoxication delirium
  • Cannabis-induced psychotic disorder 
  • Cannabis-induced anxiety disorder
  • Cannabis-induced sleep disorder

The above-mentioned disorders have a variety of symptoms that can vary and affect your mind and body. These disorders could also be warning signs that you are facing the effects of addiction to marijuana or cannabis use disorder. 

Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

We know at Avalon Malibu that marijuana addiction commonly develops if you begin using marijuana at a young age recreationally. We know this is not always the case, but when your brain is still developing and you begin using drugs such as marijuana, it puts you at risk of developing an addiction. If you are facing addiction, there are different strategies you may learn to begin to overcome your addiction. 

Therapy is a crucial component of overcoming marijuana addiction. Therapy is a safe space for you to explore why you developed your addiction. Therapy is also a place to work closely with your therapist to discover new ways to cope in life. We understand that in people who have addiction, you are typically using addiction as your coping skill. This does not work long term, and therapy is a safe place to learn new ways to cope in healthier ways. Depending on your needs, another strategy for overcoming addiction can include treatment. 

Treatment for Overcoming Marijuana Addiction

If you require inpatient treatment for marijuana addiction, Avalon Malibu may be the right fit for you. Our substance abuse treatment center, The Cottage House, is equipped to help care for you. We offer a variety of therapies and different methods to help you heal from addiction. It is not uncommon for individuals with marijuana addiction to also have psychiatric disorders. We can help you with our dual diagnosis treatment to achieve a healthy, happy life free from addiction. We understand that treatment can seem intimidating, but we hope that our luxury treatment facility and positive, life-changing atmosphere can help make you more comfortable. 

Marijuana is becoming legalized in more states; however, this does not negate the issue of marijuana addiction. It can be true that some can use marijuana and never become addicted. For others, addiction becomes part of their life. Addiction is a serious illness, but overcoming marijuana addiction is possible. Recognizing warning signs is important to lead you to the path of recovery. There are many strategies for overcoming addiction. Treatment is an option that can help you heal in the comfort of our facility with a variety of therapies with proven benefits to help you on your recovery journey. Call (844) 857-5992 today for more information on marijuana use and how Avalon Malibu can help you recover from addiction today. 

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