Is Overdose On Marijuana Possible?

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Thus far in the recorded history of marijuana consumption, there has not been an overdose to date. Despite emergency police calls of paranoia due to THC edibles consumption, and concern that someone unconscious from smoking too much marijuana might be dead, the natural herb has never caused an overdose death. Marijuana consumption can, however, cause a chemical dependency, which led professionals to create the marijuana use disorder diagnosis.

Overdose would require too much marijuana

American Scientist published a study in 2009 on how much marijuana it would take to overdose. Whereas it only takes 10 times the normal amount of alcohol to turn into a potentially fatal circumstance, it would take 1,000 times a normal amount of marijuana to come close to death. In 1998 the US Drug Enforcement Agency made a ruling on marijuana regarding the LD-50 rating which is used to determine the dosage it would take to induce overdose deaths in fifty percent of tested animals. At the time, and still to date, scientists have not been able to manipulate overdose in animals using marijuana. The experiments found that “A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about 15 minutes to induce a lethal response,” which means an amount of marijuana that’s between 20,000 times to 40,000 times the amount in the average “marijuana cigarette”. Suffice to say, it hasn’t happened yet.

Brain hormones prevent overdose

Part of the reason overdose on marijuana hasn’t occurred yet is because of a brain hormone which prevents overdose. One research study found that the brain produces a hormone called pregnenolone when the brain consumes high amounts of THC. The hormone acts against THC to inhibit the intoxication THC creates. Even in the highest quantities, the brain works to regulate how “high” it actually gets.

Marijuana Addiction

Unlike most other chemical substances which are listed as addictive, marijuana is not deadly. Many criticize the existence of marijuana use disorder because it isn’t a damage-causing drug. Though the physical side effects of long term chronic marijuana use are just starting to be understood by researchers, the psychological is not. People who are chemically dependent upon marijuana rely on the chemical substance to function and experience severe withdrawals as well as cravings. Lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, shakes, and more will become apparent. Addiction to marijuana causes difficulties in relationships, work, and the ability to participate in life.


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