Cocaine’s Effect On The Heart

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Cocaine has been recently proven to be a more addictive drug than previously believed. The brains in people who had only used cocaine once or twice showed visible signs of stimulation in areas of the brain which creates cravings when they were exposed to visual triggers of cocaine use. A central nervous system stimulant, cocaine is a highly addictive drug which creates powerful experiences of euphoria, stimulation, energy, productivity, and more. Just one or two encounters with cocaine can leave someone with the beginning symptoms of addiction, making cocaine a deadly drug.

It is not unknown that cocaine causes damage to the heart. Repeated use of stimulant amphetamines as powerful as cocaine increase heart rate too high and eventually weaken the vital organ. Prolonged cocaine use can cause ventricular arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, stroke, and hypertension. Any dose of cocaine- from someone’s first to someone’s five hundredth- runs the risk of causing a life-threatening, or life-ending, cardiovascular issue. Cocaine has a higher risk of heart complication than almost any other drug.

The International Journal for Research and Investigation on Atherosclerosis and Related Diseases recently released published work analyzing vascular toxicity due to cocaine in cases involving cardiovascular complications. Analyzing thousands of cases over a broad range of decades, the researchers found that cocaine was a popular cause for emergency room visits and a reason for heart problems, especially among patients who had a recorded diagnosis of cocaine-use disorder. From the volumes of research conducted, the researchers were able to identify a trend of increased heart problems in patients with cocaine use disorder.

Cocaine addiction can cause long-term complications even after addiction has stopped. Long term abuse of cocaine causes long term problems. After years of recovery, gaining back health, and working through underlying issues, recovering cocaine addicts are still at risk for heart complications and could suffer a heart attack due to years of weakening and damaging the heart. If someone with long term recovery from cocaine addiction should relapse and go back to using cocaine, their lowered tolerance makes their heart more vulnerable and can cause heart failures as well.


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