Our Mental Health Facility is Known as The Grand House

The Grand House provides residential treatment for men and women struggling with psychiatric disorders and need a mental health treatment center. Our program provides a comprehensive treatment approach incorporating psychotherapy, mindfulness, and expressive therapies.

The Grand House is a licensed mental health treatment center by the Department of Social Services (DSS), certified by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), and accredited by The Joint Commission (JCHAO).

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Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Mental Health Treatment Center

Useful for managing stress, depression, anxiety and trauma, mindfulness meditation enhances each scientifically verified mode of treatment our clinical therapists employ.Our mental health treatment center allows for mindful meditation to increase awareness of stressors, emotions and thought patterns, connecting themselves to the present reality of everyday living. Mindfulness sheds light on internal narratives, somatic responses, and negative assumptions. Using this insight, clients can achieve acceptance and experience deep conscious awareness, allowing them to practice intentional thought and focused action. In conjunction with adjunct therapies.

Avalon Malibu brings clients hope for change and the opportunity to actualize their own potential for healing, growth and progress.

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