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Millions of people in America alone live with some form of a mental illness or other a mental health disorders. These disorders can be found in children and adults and men and women.

What are Mental Health Disorders or Illness?

Mental health disorders are medical conditions that interfere with an individual’s feelings, moods, thinking patterns, relationships with others and ability to function normally day by day. Many individuals that suffer from a mental disorder find it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands and responsibilities in everyday life.

Mental health disorders can range greatly and cover a wide range of issues. Common mental health disorders include: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors and personality disorders.

Treatment For Mental Health Disorders

The good news is that treatment is available for mental health disorders and recovery is possible. Here at Avalon Malibu we treat a number of mental health disorders and issues. We are one of the only residential treatment centers in California that treats mental health and psychiatric illnesses as the primary diagnosis. We also treat a number of other disorders and addictions – such as substance abuse and addiction, eating disorders and the co-occurring disorders with a dual diagnosis (such as depression and alcohol abuse).

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Mental Health and Addiction

Often times a mental health disorders go untreated or even misdiagnosed. Because of this, many individuals find their own ways to cope with their issues and illnesses, often times “self-medicating” with drugs and/or alcohol. Some individuals are provided with a prescription drug to help with their illness, but they don’t always take the medicine as prescribed and end up abusing the drug which can lead to addiction and other problems.

In order for an individual to fully recover and go on to live a happy life, we must treat the underlying issues that lead to the bigger problems. Generally this starts with the treatment of the mental health disorders and lead to treatment for other issues, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Learn More About the Types of Mental Health Disorders We Treat

Visit these pages to learn more about these specific mental health disorders and how we treat them here at Avalon Malibu:

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