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Avalon Malibu offers a range of useful recreation options to help clients “re-create” a happier, healthier lifestyle. Art therapy, group and individual sports and other treatments serve a purpose that goes far beyond entertainment towards a restructuring of the self.

We offer a selection of relaxation and stress management opportunities, including meditation and yoga. Through participating in these activities, clients learn how to self-regulate psychological tensions, which is why these practices are particularly helpful for those with co-occurring depression and anxiety disorders.


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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Contemporary research has shown that therapeutic lifestyle changes can often be as effective as psychological or pharmaceutical approaches to treat a wide range of addictions and other disorders. By making a few integral lifestyle changes in recovery, we contribute to our clients’ increased sense of well-being and overall improved physical health.


Exercise is critical during the recovery process. It helps reduce both physical and psychological stress by relieving tension and releasing any negative emotions they’ve been bottling up. When they’re able to focus on a specific exercise, they’re able to release mental and physical energy that might be otherwise wasted on less positive activities.

Fitness also positively alters brain chemistry, Exercise releases natural endorphins, which create a natural high that helps them to feel better and teaches their bodies how to regulate their mood in a healthy way.

Working out allows them to block out the rest of the world and focus only on themselves and what they’re doing. They’ll likely finish feeling more optimistic, rejuvenated, and self-confident with an improved outlook on their life and themselves.

In order to fulfill this need, we offer:

  • Yoga
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hiking
  • Fitness classes


Nutrition help those who are recovering from addiction feel better by giving the body energy, building and repairing organ tissue, and strengthening the immune system. Oftentimes, those who abuse drugs or alcohol suffer from serious internal damage to their vital organs. Good nutrition gives them the building blocks they need to repair that damaged tissue.

Nutrition also helps with emotional improvements. A healthy diet can chemically affect the brain and influence how you behave. Those with poor diets are more likely to relapse due to the ongoing destruction of their organs and their negative mentality.

To ensure our clients receive the very best nutrition during their healing process, our gourmet chefs prepare a healthy and varied menu each day, using the freshest, organic-based ingredients available.


The healing and calming properties of time spent in nature are well known. Getting away from media overload reduces stress, and silence allows for uninterrupted introspection.

Sunlight also has a huge effects on mood, and its absence can cause increased depression and anxiety. Spending days outside in the sun can lift their mood and increase confidence and optimism, which is essential during recovery.

Our location, above the majestic Pacific Ocean in Malibu, allows ample opportunity to spend time communing with nature.