Sean Brundrett

Highest Standards, Nationally Recognized:

Sean Brundrett, RADT-I - Resident Advocate

Sean has been the Overnight Resident Associate in the Cottage for the last two and a half years, where he got involved as a direct result of his own life experience as an addict. He has been in recovery for over three years and is all too familiar with the pain and suffering that comes with addiction. Sean truly loves working at Avalon because it allows him to be of service to people in the earliest stages of their recovery, which is a fragile time.

He is currently a student at West Los Angeles Community College studying psychology, and is hoping to transfer to UCLA next fall. Sean’s goals in the field involve many more years of school, culminating in a graduate degree that will enable him to open a private practice focusing on adolescents with behavioral troubles and/or substance abuse. Sean was born in Denver but has spent the last 20 years living on the west side of Los Angeles, specifically in Culver City. He loves music, plays guitar and enjoys being outdoors, whether he’s climbing, hiking, or exploring.

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