Lori Kansteiner

Highest Standards, Nationally Recognized:

Lori Kansteiner, LMFT, LAADC - EMDR Specialist

I have a client-centered approach that utilizes mindfulness, experiential, and cognitive behavioral methods to help you address compulsive behaviors, addiction, mental health, emotional, and relationship issues with increased awareness and compassion. I am experienced with working with individuals with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and mental health issues using a family systems approach. I specialize in treating mood disorders, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders. I can help you improve your quality of life and enhance your relationships with loved ones.

I also offer transitional support coaching for individuals who have been in residential treatment or transitional living. I provide assessments to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and teach you relapse prevention skills while you transition to a new, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle.

I have a warm, direct, supportive manner which assists clients in achieving optimal growth and positive change.

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