Kelly Sweeney

Highest Standards, Nationally Recognized:

Kelly Sweeney - Director of Admissions

Kelly Sweeney has been working in the treatment field for over 10 years. With an extensive background in admissions and public relations, she is a dedicated and compassionate individual focused on helping those in need of finding treatment. Ms. Sweeney has worked in the admission department of some of the most world renowned, high-end dual diagnosis programs in the country. Through the years, Kelly has gained a deep understanding and knowledge of exactly what it takes to run an effective admissions department.

Ms. Sweeney has a skill set that includes extensive clinical knowledge as well as her own personal experience of recovery. It is her number one goal to assist the potential client, family member and referent find the best help available. Additionally, she has experience working with alumni as well as event planning and referral management. Kelly is dedicated to making the transition to treatment as smooth as possible. All along lending supportive, compassionate and tender care.

Ms. Sweeney has received much recognition for her work. This includes the award for the top employee of countrywide treatment cooperation. Ms. Sweeney is thrilled to be a part of the Avalon team and continue her dedicated work of helping those in need.

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