Jesse Ruiz

Highest Standards, Nationally Recognized:

Jesse Ruiz - Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Jesse Ruiz is a true inspiration and embodiment of a healthy lifestyle.

Jesse is a native Angelino who has always had a passion for physical activity. Growing up he was an avid skateboarder & continues to be a surfer.

The love for fitness inspired him to start Walela Fitness. Walela means Hummingbird in his Native American language. The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy, playfulness, endurance as well as adaptability. All of those qualities are incorporate in his workout routine.

“I believe that exercise is only part of the equation with healthy eating and spiritually making up the rest”. My goal is to help my clients be the best they can be by developing a healthy regime which will help them look and feel their best” – Jesse Ruiz.

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