Adam Gerbman

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Adam Gerbman, BS - Positive Psychology

Everything Adam does is designed to make people a greater version of themselves. He is awe-struck with the endless possibilities and global impact we all can have when life is lived from a value-based foundation.  He combines applied positive psychology, empowerment, and experiential learning with his own experience to help individuals and teams discover their true potential, give them tools to flourish and inspire them to find meaning and shine-on.

Adam’s history includes ten years as a coach, mentor, and executive in the behavioral health field as well as twenty-five years’ experience in both a marketing and entrepreneurial capacity.  He is Certified in Empowerment and Applied Positive Psychology Coaching and loves working on both a strategic and creative level.

Adam’s positive approach to life is a continued evolvement developed over a lifespan of searching for meaning in hardship and seeking ways to realize his potential. His basic philosophy, that life is about the process of becoming a greater version of yourself, allows him to ride the waves with his clients as they move towards greatness. He sees transition born out of hardship as one of the greatest opportunities to question the status quo and challenges his clients to be pulled by a vision greater than themselves.

Adam has a loyal and grateful following of clients and friends who value his honesty, unique communication style, resilience, humor, and unwavering belief that current circumstances are never the final destination.

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