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Are Eating Disorders Behavioral Health Issues?

woman slicing celery on plate

Eating disorders are a behavioral health issue.  Eating disorders include bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating disorder. All three can have emotional, behavioral, and physical effects on the individual and can even be life-threatening for both males and females. Eating disorders

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How Do Food Addicts Practice Abstinence?

Food addiction questionnaire

Food addiction recovery is hard to understand. Someone is out of control, completely unable to manage and regulate their consumption of food. When someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol, there is talk of abstinence in their recovery. An addict

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Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Supported By In Person Therapy

Woman in counseling with female therapist

It is a remarkable and wonderful feat of technology to be developing the field of telehealth or e-therapy. Everything from chat rooms, smart phone apps, and artificial intelligence “bots” on social media messaging platforms are providing proven therapeutic techniques to

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Does Pregnancy Trigger Eating Disorders For Women?

Pregnant woman sitting by window

Women have certain rituals, dietary trends, exercise habits and more which they become accustomed to before they get pregnant. Once they find out they are pregnant their dietary and exercise habits can no longer be self-serving. They have another person’s

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