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A Welcome Letter From Our CEO

The impact of addiction is far-reaching, and it continues to grow in a state of turbulent change. A tremendous upsurge in addiction rates and overdose fatalities is tearing families and communities apart. To know someone with a drug or alcohol addiction is no longer a rarity; it is now the norm.

Amidst an opiate epidemic—and more young people abusing drugs and alcohol than ever before—we in the behavioral health treatment industry have a responsibility to provide education, prevention, and outstanding treatment services that benefit not just a fortunate few, but as many people as possible.

Further, people with mental illnesses are still met with enduring stigmatization. We must continue to focus discussion and attitudes regarding addiction and mental illness toward treating the brain disorders that they are and correcting the erroneous view that choices create mental illness.

At New Vista Behavioral Health, our mission is to deliver a healthy and productive new course for recovery and success. We promise innovative, client-centered, and evidence-based behavioral healthcare services for the people and communities we serve. To live up to our mission, we must make a measurable difference in the lives of those we serve, in the families we help, and for the communities in which we reside.

New Vista Behavioral Health is an industry leader—trusted, responsible, and inclusive. We are committed to unite with like-minded industry partners and policymakers around the country to address society’s need for better patient care in behavioral health and addiction treatment and to uphold the utmost ethical practices, ensuring the best possible care for each person who walks through our doors.

Our long-standing commitment to excellence is honored by our skilled, trained, and passionate team who implements a unique and life-changing treatment experience. Throughout our continuums of care, the well-being of our patients, best clinical and business practices, and superior outcomes remain our top priority.

It is incredible what we can achieve when our team, patients and partners come together with a shared sense of purpose. We invite your interest and partnership as we continue our commitment to open doors to recovery for those who need it most.

Sincerely, Stephen Odom, Ph.D.

New Vista Behavioral Health

CEO and Chief Clinical Officer

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