How Can Yoga Support Your Recovery From Trauma?

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How Can Yoga Support Your Recovery From Trauma?

If you are recovering from trauma, maybe you have heard that yoga can support your healing process. Lived trauma experiences can create a sense of vulnerability and insecurity, and yoga therapy can serve as a practice to rebuild this sense Read More ›

Yoga for Any Age


“I’m too old for yoga.” “I could never bend that way.” “I won’t fit on a yoga mat.” These common fears often hold people back from practicing yoga – but the truth is that yoga can be for practically anyone. Read More ›

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that developed long ago in ancient India. It’s a spiritual discipline that bears many benefits. Not only does yoga exercise your mind and spiritual practice, but it also exercises your Read More ›

Applying Yoga to Addiction Recovery

Applying Yoga to Addiction Recovery

Recovery from substance use is often only talked about in terms of detoxification, therapy, and medication. However, there are so many more treatment modalities available. Specifically, holistic interventions have grown to become an excellent addition to recovery because they add Read More ›

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